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What is a festival concierge service? And how does GMTC differ from other travel agencies?

We do not sell travel packages based around holidays or simply a weekend beach getaway. We are a more accessible concierge service that focuses on great service as a standard. Each GMTC client benefits from our insider knowledge and expertise – whether it’s knowing the best new restaurant, the hottest club or knowing where to locate an unusual item, they count on us for all of this and more.

Who can benefit from GMTC’s services?

GMTC is ideal for people who lead busy lives for new, exciting travel experiences such as festivals. We also assist corporate travelers and want to off-load the burden of planning a seamless trip so they can focus on business. GMTC operates on a global level and helps clients all over the world.

We coordinate your trip directly with the festival’s planners, airlines and hotels, making for a worry-free travel experience.

How much do international festival packages cost?
We offer a range of festival packages, which can be tailored to your specific needs. In addition to flights to and from your originating city, the total price will depend on a number of factors such as party size, time of year, tickets to the theatre or VIP events, length of stay and more. Please call us for further details.

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Is there a separate fee to hire GMTC?
Because our client’s trust us to manage their travel experience end-to-end, our fee is included in the total cost. No nitpicking over each line item. Just one amazingly seamless experience.

What other services does GMTC offer?
In addition to festival-based travel we offers access to:

• Around-The-World Ticketing
• Language Immersion Programs
• Home-stays for those looking for a Japanese experience and those seeking to learn American culture and American English
• Volunteering opportunities in Senegal, West Africa
• Customized Tours
• Personal Delivery
• Relocation Assistance
• Personal Tour Guide
• Sports Events
• Concerts
• International Distribution

When is the GMTC team available?
Our expert festival concierge team is available around the clock to accommodate clients traveling in various time zones.
(404) 438-0851 or