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Past Events

Kirkwood Library Travel Series: Senegal
Kirkwood Library Travel Series: Introduction to Japan
Monroe Heights Spring Community Clean-Up, Project Coordinator-Atlanta, GA
NPU-G presentation to the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and Community Residents, Presenter-Atlanta, GA

Miyagi Art & Culture Show, Director-Tokyo Electron Hall
The Mix Chat Club, Moderator-The Lock
MeySen English Video, Talent-GrapeCity Studios
Mariah Carey @ Music Station, Talent-Roppongi Hills (Tokyo)

ALT Mid-Year Conference, Exhibition Coordinator-Sendai Civic Hall
Wine & Cheese Dinner Party, Event Planner-Shikama Community Center
Miyagi Art & Culture Show, Workshop Coordinator-Tokyo Electron Hall
Head Wraps: An Art Form, Presenter-Tokyo Electron Hall
Sri Lankan Dinner Party, Event Coordinator-The Lock
The Mix Chat Club, Moderator- The Lock
Baby Shoop, Summer/Spring Catalog Model 2010-Tokyo (on-site)

Friday Fish Fry, Event Planner- Shikama Community Center
Kenyan Curry Dinner Party, Event Planner-Miyagi University
New J.E.T. Orientation, Coordinator-Miyagi Training Facility
“58th Conference & Workshop of All Tohoku Secondary School English Teaching Workshop”, Presenter-Furukawa-Reimei High School
“Miyagi University Annual English Speech Competition”, Judge-Miyagi University Taiwa Campus

Fall Culture Workshop, Guest Lecturer-Shikama Community Center
Spring Culture Workshop,  Guest Lecturer-Shikama Community Center
African Head Wraps, Presenter-Tokyo Electron Hall
Wine & Cheese Tasting, Event Planner-Miyagi University

OnegaiLIVE (
Co-Founder/Project Manager
Miyagi, Japan
October 2007—July 2010
OnegaiLIVE was created by Nathaniel Dodge and myself as an online resource for the English-speaking community of Miyagi Prefecture. It highlights festivals, events, and sightseeing venues in the Tohoku region.

  • Conceived concepts for shows
  • Outlined strategies for highlighting sightseeing venues, events, dining and Japanese as well as international cultural events
  • Managed all contracts required to film
  • Conducted research and manages pre-screening activities for interview candidates and location
  • Translated promotion materials and menus from Japanese to English