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GARDNER-MATHEWS Travel Concierge
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Why we exist Gardner-Mathews Festival Concierge was created out of personal obligation to share the beauty of the world through festivals. And since everyone loves a party, deciding to join the niche of festival travel just felt right. In addition to festivals, we know Art, Dining & Cuisine, and the Outdoors. We operate as an extension of you and your group. And with a team of travel experts working diligently to organize an excursion that was tailor-made just for you, for that time and that festival; thus allowing you the ability to see and do more during your designated travel days. We’ve “been there and done that” Gardner-Mathews Festival Concierge has traveled to the destination,  so you can enjoy being pampered like a tourist but get around to all the cool places like a local. Feel confident to entrust us with your valuable time. Our mission is to bring you to the party and emerge you in the culture like no other travel agency can; allowing the rare opportunity to live the experience.

What sets us apart The answer is simple: It’s our connections to the countries we service. We have a loyal service group with leaders in every aspects of the travel & hospitality industry; which means you get the best service possible. Every time. All the time.

Let’s Festival! To speak with a Concierge or to arrange an itinerary for the your next Festival, please contact us
at 404-438-0851 or send an e-mail to info@gardner-mathews.com.

In addition to festival-based travel we offer the following services:

  • Around-The-World Ticketing
  • Language Immersion Programs
  • Home-stays for those looking for a Japanese experience and those seeking to learn American culture and American English
  • Volunteering opportunities in Senegal, West Africa
  • Customized Tours
  • Personal Delivery
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Personal Tour Guide
  • Sports Events
  • Concerts
  • International Distribution

…one festival at a time.