Lio Krathong-The Latern Festival・Bangkok, Thailand

Lio Krathong
Bangkok, Thailand
November 9, 2011

Each November on the night of the full moon in Bangkok, something spectacular happens. Beautiful fireworks light up the night sky and thousands of ornately decorated krathongs, or floating lanterns, are lowered into rivers and canals to drift away. These handmade leaf-cups adorned with gorgeous flowers, and a small lit candle placed in the center, illuminate the entire river. Krathong floats usually take the shape of Mount Meru, chedis and swans, but the shape of the lotus flower in full bloom is the most popular. Unlike anything you have ever seen, the Loi Krathong celebration takes place at dusk as the full moon begins to rise. There are so many beliefs, stories and fascinating legends surrounding the derivation of this unique Thai tradition. But it is a fact that in the city of Bangkok and across the country of Thailand, every resident partakes in the festivities. Before nightfall, there is entertainment for everyone. Along the riverbank, music, dancing and more last until the late hours of the night, creating memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

Writer: Michaela Franklin

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