International Festival of the Sahara

International Festival of the Sahara
Bamako, Mali
January 12-14, 2012

The International Festival of the Sahara is the oldest and best-known festival in the country. Drawing thousands of spectators and participants from around the globe each year, the talent showcased during this four day-long celebration is incomparable. Founded on the belief of educating others about nomadic traditions and ways of life, the submergence into this awe inspiring culture will leave you with a greater respect for the people of Douz. At day break, imagine sand skiing, go-carting and riding a camel off into the sunset. Throughout the day throngs of people stroll the sandy streets taking pleasure in delicious foods which are to die for and perusing the markets that never sleep. When night falls, the festivities continue with costumed performers doing everything from belly dancing to fire swallowing. The countless palm trees and sand dunes create a beautiful Arabian scene that you have to see to believe.

Written by: Michaela Franklin

Footage from 2010 (BBC Africa)

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