Holi: The Festival of Colours

Festival of Colour
March 8-9, 2012

The celebration of Holi is more commonly known as the “Festival of Colors”, and rightfully so. This elaborate celebration begins with public bonfires and includes festivities that feature the throwing and wearing of brightly colored liquids and powders. There are also various flavorful sweets and intoxicating drinks. On the final fool moon of the month of Phlunga, the Hindu people gather together regardless of race, class, caste or gender. As one they welcome the beautiful season of spring and invite the blessings of the Gods for good harvests and fertility of the land. For two days, the people of India indulge themselves in the spirit of spring and parade the streets of India enjoying the holiday’s festivities. There are so many interesting legends, traditions and customs associated with Holi, but the overall exuberance of the festivities make the experience extraordinary!

Holi has already taken place this past March but go ahead mark the Holi date 2012 in your personal calendar and start preparing for Holi 2012!!

A story about a long associated with the immortal love of Krishna and Radha and is celebrated for over 16 days in the Brij area comprising of Vrindavan and Mathura is very similar to an ancient Japanese festival called TANABATA (The Star Festival).

A list of all the countries that observe Holi:
Sri Lanka
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States (select cities)

Click here to listen to a complication of Holi Music from India.

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