Snow Festival 雪祭り

Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
La festival de Nieva

The Snow Festival is one of Japan’s most famous and most attended festivals; drawing participants from all over the world not only as on-lookers, but also as contestants for various ice and snow sculptor competitions. This year, there were artists from as far away as Finland and Sweden and as nearby as Russia. Partakers also came from tropical destinations, such as Thailand and Hawaii. The Koreans and Chinese certainly take advantage of their proximity to festival and flock to Sapporo with tour groups for a wonderful experience.

The Snow Festival is held annually in February where city blocks of downtown Sapporo are blocked off for exhibitions and displays. One can enjoy common festival foods like lamb yakiniku (kabob with lamb meat) and don’t forget to try Hokkaido’s signature hot wine.

Hokkaido’s most famous sites:
Television Tower
Shiraio Ainu Museum

In Japan, every prefecture, area, city—even small town—is famous for some food items. In the case of Hokkaido, the first thing that comes to mind is the city’s namesake, SAPPORO and its world renowned beer. Beer lovers can enjoy an evening dinner to the Sapporo Beer Garden. The restaurant has an incredible view of the city and is a very popular tourist attraction.

Hokkaido is also very well-known for its dairy products: cheese, fresh caramel, butter and milk.
Most of Japan’s best seafood is distributed from Hokkaido; particularly crab. The crab is so succulent and meaty, you’ll never feel cheated! As for meat lovers, you simply must try the lamb. Usually, cooked on an open stove or grilled, the meat is so soft and delicious. Another item ranking in the top of Hokkaido’s food list is ramen.

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