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Asian Festivals
Amazingly complex, Asia is magical in its range of travel experiences. Ancient art or modern architecture? Old Buddhist temples or new gleaming skyscrapers? Skiing on powdery slopes or the feel of white sand between your toes? And we have yet to mention the cuisine – it is equally as varied. Whatever your fancy, GMTC can create an experience you will never forget.


Cherry Blossom Festival


Budding blossoms of the sakura tree are a kind of authentication that Spring has officially arrived.  And spring in Japan just isn’t complete without O-hanami. O-hanami (お花見) in a literal translation means: “watching the flower”. People organize  group outings and enjoy the tranquilyet, intoxicating beauty of delicate white, powdered pink and velvety magenta cherry blossoms.



Lio Krathong-The Latern Festival

Bangkok, Thailand

Each November on the night of the full moon in Bangkok, something spectacular happens. Beautiful fireworks light up the night sky and thousands of ornately decorated krathongs, or floating lanterns, are lowered into rivers and canals to drift away. These handmade leaf-cups adorned with gorgeous flowers, and a small lit candle placed in the center, illuminate the entire river.



Mochitsuki Festival もちつき祭り


One of the most important fall harvest in Japan is rice. From a short grain, a traditional food called Mochi (餅) is made pounded then molded into bite sized mounds to be added to soups, toasted in ovens or covered with Japanese traditional foods; such as anko and natto.



Jozenji Street Jazz Festival

Sendai, Japan

The Jozenji Street Jazz Festival is held during the 2nd weekend of every September. Affectionately known as the ‘The City of Trees’, Sendai hosts one of the largest music festivals in the world and is the biggest in Japan. Over 600 bands throughout the nation and artists from overseas gather to play for music enthusiasts in an assortment of genres; not only Jazz, but also Rock & Roll, Blues, and Pop.



東北の秋の祭り Autumn Festivals

Tohoku Japan

Infamous for the legendary samurai and mysterious geisha, Japan is one of the few countries where you can still go and feel like you’ve enters into a different world. Come visit the old country and experience people and customs just as they were practias they practice traditional customs and traditions from olden days.



Holi: The Festival of Colours


The celebration of Holi is more commonly known as the “Festival of Colors”, and rightfully so. This elaborate celebration begins with public bonfires and includes festivities that feature the throwing and wearing of brightly colored liquids and powders. There are also various flavorful sweets and intoxicating drinks.



Snow Festival 雪祭り

Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

The Snow Festival is one of Japan’s most famous and most attended festivals; drawing participants from all over the world not only as on-lookers, but also as contestants for various ice and snow sculptor competitions. This year, there were artists from as far away as Finland and Sweden and as nearby as Russia. Partakers also came from tropical destinations, such as Thailand and Hawaii.