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About Us

Gardner-Mathews Travel Concierge (GMTC) is the go-to partner for discerning travelers in search of unique, authentic global experiences. We specialize in managing your every travel need for international festivals– from sourcing the perfect hotel and creating a tailor-made itinerary, to advising on local culture with tips to enhance your overall stay.

Gardner-Mathews Travel Concierge was created out of personal obligation to share the beauty of the world through festivals. And since everyone loves a party, deciding to join the niche of festival travel just felt right. In addition to festivals, we know Art, Dining & Cuisine, and the Outdoors.

We operate as an extension of you and your group. And with a team of travel experts working diligently to organize an excursion that was tailor-made just for you, for that time and that festival; thus allowing you the ability to see and do more during your designated travel days. We’ve “been there and done that.” Gardner-Mathews Travel Concierge has traveled to the destination, so you can enjoy being pampered like a tourist but get around to all the cool places like a local. Feel confident to entrust us with your valuable time.

Gardner-Mathews Travel Concierge also handles traditional leisure, business and government related travel; such as booking flights, arranging accommodations, hosting delegates, preparing agendas, providing security and transportation.

Garnered through our own travels in over 30 beautiful countries, we are well versed in attractions, dining, sports facilities, and boutique hotels.

As a result of these first-hand experiences, we execute our planning from the perspective of a local. This allows us to create exciting customized itineraries, as well as, anticipate essential travel needs.